Hair loss issues have an effect on a person’s emotional state in addition to their looks. Even while hair loss issues are often inherited, they may also result from ignorance and poor hair care. Lifestyle and nutritional changes are a big factor in hair loss problems, particularly in modern times when the emphasis is being transferred from genuine health to looks.

However, a variety of hair fall treatment solutions have been marketed to treat all types and stages of hair loss due to the increased knowledge about physical looks brought on by the emergence of social media and technological innovation.

Natural treatments and medicinal shampoos may help treat hair loss in its early stages. In addition, medical procedures like laser therapy and flashpoints may be used to get the desired hair. Last but not least, if things have gotten out of hand, there are surgical options like a hair transplant that may still give someone the ideal full crown head. Additionally, cosmetic procedures may help conceal hair loss from view.

One of the easiest and least harmful ways to conceal hair loss is by wearing wigs and hair patches. Not only is it time-effective, but it is also cost-effective. Learn more about hair patch therapy by reading with us.

What Is a Hair Patch?


A hair patch is a method of artificial hair restoration in which fake hair is applied to the bald region using adhesive. It is very helpful for men and women who have bald patches but do not want to get surgery. The hair patch may blend in nicely with your hair since it has the same texture and colour as your real hair.

Since the bald spots may be filled in most naturally, this therapy is the most beneficial for persons who have hair loss in patches. The hair patches that are now on the market adhere with cosmetic adhesive, thus washing or swimming is not necessary for removal. The scalp is neither irritated nor sensitive to the adhesive since it is non-allergic.

Using hair patches yields effects right away, unlike a hair transplant procedure, which often takes 6 to 12 months to take effect. Hair patches may also be worn by men and women of all ages and hair kinds and have no negative effects, unlike other medical or surgical procedures.

What Are the Types of Hair Patches?

According to a person’s specifications, hair patches may be created in the precise form and with the same hair quality. Various types of hair patches may quickly be designed to meet the needs of the customer. To acquire the ideal hair patch for a man or woman, all that is necessary is to contact a hair professional and have your hair evaluated. If you want to thicken your hair all over your head, there are many different types of hair wigs that may be used to conceal hair loss.

What Are a Hair Patch’s Main Benefits?


Compared to other surgical and medicinal procedures, the finest hair patch in India provides a number of benefits. This is the rationale behind why so many individuals choose this treatment to temporarily stop their hair loss. The following benefits of applying a hair patch have been listed:

Convenience: While working, bathing, or swimming, the hair patch feels like your own hair and doesn’t get in the way. Therefore, it not only enhances your appearance but also makes it convenient.

Guaranteed outcomes in a shorter amount of time: Surgical procedures take roughly 6 months to provide noticeable results. However, you may notice effects from non-surgical therapy far more quickly. You may rapidly get the desired appearance by using a hair patch.
Simple styling is possible since hair patches fit nicely with your natural hair. You may experiment with as many different styles as you want with hair that has the same quality and density as your actual hair.

All levels are appropriate: For all phases of hair loss, using hair patches is appropriate. Since there is no minimum criterion, those who are unable to get a hair transplant due to inadequate donor sites may still obtain hair patch therapy.
Low upkeep: Utilizing hair patches doesn’t need much upkeep on a daily basis. Once used, it lasts a long time and requires no more maintenance.
The absence of adverse effects, which a hair transplant would have, is yet another significant benefit of wearing hair patches. After wearing hair patches, there won’t be any scars, irritation, or allergies.

No discomfort: Since utilising hair patches is a non-surgical procedure that just uses adhesive rather than needles, there won’t be any discomfort throughout the procedure. As a consequence, it becomes a simple operation that produces the same outcome without discomfort.

The use of hair patches has some of these benefits. However, you should be aware of any potential difficulties before beginning therapy. These consist of:

Falling of hair patch: Because hair patches stick outward, there is a danger that the patch might come off if you perspire as much. Even if the adhesive used today is trustworthy, there is always a potential that a problem like this may develop.

Costly: Despite the fact that the therapy is less costly than a hair transplant, it may still be pricey due to the need for ongoing upkeep. The artificial hair in the patch has to be replaced after a few months. In addition to this, the adhesive that was used to adhere to the patch has to be changed every few weeks. The price of the therapy as a whole might increase dramatically as a result.

Re: Damage to natural hair: Because of the ongoing irritation produced by the glue used to attach the hair patch, the natural hair may get damaged. Even to the extent of hair loss, this might harm natural hair. re Temporary fix: Hair patches are simply a short-term fix for covering up bald spots. In contrast to a hair transplant, which is a permanent hair loss cure, it needs ongoing replenishment and clinic visits.

certain brushes and products: Your options for hair products would be limited if you stopped using hair patches. Only branded hair accessories and sticky oil are permitted. Furthermore, a unique brush would be required.

Hair patch use must only be chosen after carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks. It is advised to speak with a hair expert to better understand the process and to determine the root of hair loss so that the proper precautions may be taken and the proper course of action followed.

How Much Does a Hair Patch Cost?

Depending on your needs, the hair patch price online might range from ₹6,000 to ₹25,000 or even more. The cost of the procedure is greatly influenced by the location you choose and your present hair condition.

You must keep in mind, however, that this price only covers the initial creation and installation of the hair patch. The cost of the permanent hair patch would also increase since you would eventually need to replenish the hair and glue.

Which Is Better, a Hair Transplant or Hair Patch?


It might be difficult to choose between a permanent hair patch and a hair transplant. It would mostly rely on your needs and financial situation. The two therapies vary in the following ways:

Cost: A hair transplant is far more expensive than a hair patch. A hair transplant is more expensive since it is a permanent treatment. Thus, before making a decision, you must first think about your budget.
Operation: A hair transplant is a surgical procedure including many sittings, testing, anaesthesia, and the use of needles. Even after receiving therapy, it’s crucial to take extra precautions with the new grafts for a few days. Hair patches, on the other hand, are a non-surgical solution that doesn’t entail discomfort or needles.

Outcomes: Hair transplant results are permanent but take time to manifest. The ideal appearance is quickly achieved by hair patches on the other side, but they need to be adjusted every few weeks. As a result, you must choose if you’re searching for a short-term or long-term answer, and how soon.

These are a few of the things to think about before deciding between the two therapies. To be able to choose the best therapy out of the two, you must see a hair expert and assess your existing circumstances and the viability of the therapies.

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