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Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi

Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi

What is pigmentation?

The colouring or darkening of a portion of the skin or nails is referred to as hyperpigmentation. Melanocytes, a special kind of cells found in the skin, are responsible for producing the pigment melanin. The quantity of pigment generated determines how pigmented the skin becomes. Hyperpigmentation, a disorder where skin generates too much pigment, causes the skin to become darker. Hypopigmentation, on the other hand, is a condition in which the cells produce insufficient pigment.

What Are the Different Forms of Hyperpigmentation?

  • Natural colour variations in skin, such as pigment demarcation lines on the temples, legs, and so on. This may be seen vividly in circumstances such as pregnancy.
  • Birthmarks
  • Melasma, also known as chloasma, is a common pigmentation illness marked by dark spots on the face that mostly affects women, especially pregnant women. It frequently develops in conditions of hormonal imbalance, particularly in women who take oral contraceptives or are undergoing hormone replacement treatment, or as a result of continuous sun exposure, and the aetiology is occasionally unclear.
  • Prolonged sun exposure –

1) Freckles – Freckles may appear in childhood and can be hereditary. They are darker areas on the skin produced by melanocyte overproduction of melanin granules. Commonly seen among persons with lighter complexion, those who live at high elevations, and those who live in sunny places.

2) Age spots – Also known as lentigine or liver spots, they are spherical patches of skin that appear on the skin of the aged and grow into huge freckles.

3) Sunbathing

4) Acne Melasma

5) Photographic harm

How Much Does Face Skin Pigmentation Treatment Cost?

We all spend a significant amount of time, effort, and money attempting to improve our looks. However, home remedies and cosmetics are only useful to a limited extent in addressing skin disorders. Cosmetic surgery is one method for improving our look and correcting defects and blemishes that make us self-conscious. One such therapy is pigmentation removal, which may clear the complexion and give us the radiant, even skin tone we’ve always craved.

If you have chosen to get pigmentation treatment, you will undoubtedly want to know how much it would cost. The cost of pigmentation therapy is determined by the kind of treatment used and the number of sessions necessary to repair your skin. Do not be tempted to pick a treatment only on the basis of price, since this may jeopardise your skin and health.

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