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Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP Treatment for Hair

PRP Treatment in Pitampura, Delhi

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy’ commonly known as PRP therapy is the most efficient hair treatment available nowadays. With the help of ultra-thin needle, your platelet rich plasma from other body parts is injected into your scalp. The growth factors of the newly injected PRP start stimulating your hair growth naturally. You can access Mrig Hair & Skin clinic service’s PRP hair treatment in Pitampura for detail inquiry.

Advantages Of PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy is just a multiple injections treatment that gives safest reliable results. It starts showing positive results just in four to six weeks with naturally grown look and feels.

Decades ago PRP Therapy used to give severe pain, but now as technology has been advanced you can have PRP hair treatment without any pain in our clinic in pitampura.

PRP Therapy treatment is very cost effective. Contact us for further details.



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